Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Working on our own feature film has been our dream for the last 10 years. Working on Dream Defenders Feature marks our next major milestone. Taking the studio to the next level.
R&D water simulation test for one of the major shot in the movie.

Wang Film Productions Meets Tiny Island Productions

Richard Wang from Wang Film Production, one of the biggest and oldest animation companies in Asia, visits Tiny Island Productions. He is also the CEO of Maxx Animation, a joint venture between Wang Films Production and the Lippo Group.

Monday, 10 September 2018

We Are Hiring (Part 2)

We are an animation studio based in Singapore. Recently we have signed a major deal (…/shanghai-wingsmedia-str…)
With this, we will be producing animated feature films for the next 10 years. With this expansion, we are looking for - Social Media Strategist (Films)
Requirements: We are looking for candidate who has passion and interest in growing their career in the Animation Industry.
Someone with a Degree or Diploma in Media Studies or Mass Communication or someone with experience.
Candidates should have experience in basic photography, video editing work and creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, Blog, Youku, Weibo
Someone who has experience in writing press release in both Chinese and English.
We are looking for candidates who are bilingual (Good in both Chinese (China Market) and English)
Responsibilities include: Planning of creative promotion campaign via all kinds of social media platform both globally and in China.
Handle press campaign with our our agencies in LA and China.
Creating content for social media. (Promotional Video, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, Blog, Youku, Weibo etc)
Those interested, please indicate which position you are applying for and submit a link to your resume to

Goodbye To Our Interns!

Taiwan Shih Chien University ( has sent their students to our studio for training. The purpose of this project is to offer students priceless training abroad experience. The students are picked from the department (資訊模擬與設計學系). This overseas internship project will last for 3 weeks in this summer.

Recording Scratch Voices

29th Aug 2018: Planning with the voice talents for the scratch track voice recording

Crunch Time

It's night time and we must not forget those working hard for the company. 
Thank you for your dedication and hours you put in for us to ensure everything is in order.

Back To Work!

Back to work?
So are we!! Back to creating sweet stuff for TV!!
Our hardworking islanders are the wheels of the bus. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are now. 
You rock guys!!