Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hongō Mitsuru visits Tiny Island Productions

Hongō Mitsuru visits Tiny Island Productions.

( 本郷みつる Hongō Mitsuru) (born 12 October 1959) is a Japanese anime director of film and television working with Production I.G. Hongo originally worked at Shin-Ei Animation directing Crayon Shin-chan but later moved on to direct IGPX, Kyoro-chan, Outlaw Star, Reideen Shamanic Princess and The Candidate for Goddess. He also directed and wrote the screenplay for the feature film Sakura Wars: The Movie.

Very honoured to be invited for this Lunch meeting.

Left to Right: Japan/Singapore Liason, ChildAid Asia Tokyo, Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Counselor (Embassy of Japan), Our CEO, Mr Hongo Mitsuru (Director of Anime), Founders of Cosplay Singapore Club, SVP Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks - Asia, Ambassador of Japan.

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