Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pantyliner Ads

If you come to our office recently, you probably wonder why are there packets of pantyliner on the guys desk and why are the guys examining the pantyliner so closely. haha. (After much research, now I understand the difference between pantyliner and sanitary pads) In our job, we learn something new everyday. LOL. Isn't that great.So here is the answer. Watch the video. (This version still have some minor tech error. The final version will be released in cinema eventually)

Guess the most difficult part is developing the story, designing a character out of the product and ensuring it is appropriate to the culture of the market we are targeting at, storyboarding/animatics , production etc etc all in 3 weeks. This is also our first entry to the Vietnam market. (Who can imagine there is opportunity there) Glad at the end, the client is happy. And the most rewarding moment is to see our company's logo at the end. Its little thing like this, makes us very proud and happy. Thank you to my client for this valuable opportunity.

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