Thursday, 16 February 2017

Something I shared with my staff

Something I shared with my staff.

My staff asked me:
"Sometimes what is sad is after training someone to be a good leader they will go away and move on. Isn't it tiring to keep training new ones? And when you give a connection to people do you feel afraid that they will take that potential job away from you?"

These are my answers.
"If you are a good leader. Your disciple will stay. If he choose to go because he does not fully understand what the leader is doing. It's a transition and growing up. Someday he will return.
If he does not return, then I can only say that I have to work harder as a leader to deserve him. That is how I consistently improve myself. In business and entrepreneurship, it's all about relations and trust.
If one is afraid of everything and do not trust anyone, one cannot get anything done. It's all about integrity of your disciple and the client you choose. The values you bring together in a company. I am selective over my Long term clients and most of them became my friends. That is how I run my business. If your disciple can easily steal your client. Then you know that you are weak in your business relationship and you are weak in evaluating the right person to be chosen as a leader. So you have to pay for the price. The more mistakes you make. The sharper you will be.Treat people with your heart and sincerity. You will attract the same kind of people to you. (Both client and employee) With this, no one can steal anything from you."

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