Monday, 1 May 2017

Some miracle coincidence on newspaper: written by David Kwok

This newspaper mentioned a promising young man from NYP in his final year whom I do not know at that time in 2003. Next to his news, it summarised a big part of my career. It talked about the second animation company I worked for which was my turning point of my career. It mentioned about the first animated series Simeon Rex we worked on with a batch of great friends (Who are now pioneers working in major companies in the industry). We finished the episode with no pay for 6 months, hoping to use the episode to save the company. The article also mentioned the animation association SAC I have been running since 1999. Eventually, I hired this promising year man from NYP during his grad show. (Not knowing he is the guy in the papers.) 

He was one of the top student at his time. Over the years, we fought for good and bad times together and became best friends. This promising young man is now my VP for production. The second in command in Tiny Island. He is now a father himself just like me. Many years later I found this newspaper and was shocked to see many years ago, he was mentioned just beside my news. At that time, we did not even know each other. It almost feels like the newspaper show signs that we are destined to be in this journey together someday. This promising young man is Ang Chwee Hock. Thanks for being part of my journey.

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