Sunday, 16 July 2017

Jack Ma's secret to hiring by David Kwok

I totally agree. Once I interviewed someone who has previously worked for various MNC to be my BD director. The person ask for a 5 digit salary. And a team of business executives under her.

I ask her a question. If I were to give you all these resources you want. Can you assure me that you can at least bring in the money monthly to cover your salary and your team expenses. There was silence and we never heard from her.

End of the day, maybe is the team that bring in the numbers. Not her.

Good people are difficult to find. We need fighters. We don't need MBA or those from big companies. You need one who believe in your company's culture, believe in your mission. Prepare to standby you and fight side by side with you. You will say that I am crazy. I can never find this person.

Don't look for a talent only when you need them. Develop a relationship. A friendship. I put potential candidate in my master class. At an interview, someone can pretend to be who they are during that 30 mins interview. No one can pretend throughout 60 hours of a master class. In the class, I shared mistakes that I have made in my journey. I shared every single truth about me and the company. There will be 2 kinds of reaction. Either the person get scared and think that she will never want to venture into a roller coaster ride. Or someone who appreciate your values, the company values and your leadership. And feel that this is the kind of company she/he want to help build. She/he wants to be part of this journey. From here you know if this is the right fit.

Continue to be in touch with such a person. When time is right, assemble your troops.

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