Sunday, 14 January 2018

HK Licensing Show

With HK Govt support (HK Trade Development Council), I have led a Singapore delegation of 7 companies to the HK Licensing show. At the event, HKTDC helped us by partial sponsorship for the hotel stay and most importantly the business matching. We are very grateful for their help.
As we know, our industry here is facing tough challenges. This is our little effort in hope to rebuild more startups to grow the industry. Knowledge in Licensing & Merchandising is seriously neglected in our industry. This is crucial as it brings our industry to the next chapter. With growing cost and lack of subsidy, service work will become harder and harder. With less subsidy, foreign companies will eventually pull out. With shortage of work, less people will want to study Animation. Hence also affecting the education industry as well.
The nation is lacking in business and production leadership. For us to move on, this is the area we need to nurture. Unfortunately many grads do not understand the importance. Without savvy leadership, we cannot build more SME.

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