Monday, 19 February 2018

Adapt, Evolve and Progress

Every 5 years, there will normally be a change in business climate and every 10 years a major shift. In business, as long as we can adapt to changes, we will survive.
10 years ago, we started as a production service company. As time goes by, our neighbouring countries became cheaper and more skilful. Hence we became less and less competitive.
Yesterday, you have India and China being the cheaper solutions. Today you have Thailand and Indonesia. Tomorrow you will have Myammar and Vietnam. Hence making yourself cheaper will not be the solution.
Leveraging on our success and track record in IP creation and Monetisation; and also the relations that we have built across North America and Asia, we started a new business model. From a service studio, today Tiny Island has grown to become a consultancy company to assist US independent studio to redevelop their IP and concept art not just for aesthetic reasons. But most importantly, making it more investment friendly. So that it can have better toys and computer games investment opportunity. The market has evolved tremendously. One can no longer depend on licensing fee to survive.
Besides just redevelopment work, we also introduce our client to Netflix, Dreamworks, Cybergroup, Nickelodeons, DHX Media, Cake, Eone etc. For a first timer, getting a meeting with the majors is never easy.
Our staff James Phang and Chwee Hock have done well for Seal Force 5. It has been well received at markets.
Next we will be introducing it to our Asia network in Korea and China. This service has brought us up to the upper value chain.
Adapt, evolve and progress is the way we handle the challenges in this ever changing landscape of the industry.

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