Friday, 2 March 2018

We are looking for a Senior Concept Artist for our Feature Film!

Senior Concept Art Position (Feature Film)
If you are interested. Please fill up the following form.
Pascal Campion (Production Designer) and Win (Our Art Director) are flying in from US to interview you. We will start the selection and will let you know on 5th March Monday evening if you are selected for the interview on 6th March Tuesday.
Could you please make yourself available on 6th March Tuesday for the interview if you have been selected.
(For foreigners and those who cannot make it, we will probably do it over skype later)
For those who are selected, you will start work within 2 months.
Please leave your contact details so that we can contact you!
Job Descriptions:
- Able to create merchandise friendly designs for Props, Sets and Characters
- Design Style more towards Stylistic. Not realistic style.
- Able to create color scripts.
- Able to create accurate character turnaround.
- Able to create Texture and Shader guides
- Able to do Background Matt Painting
We will be looking out for the above ability in your portfolio. Especially in Development work.

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