Sunday, 22 May 2016

CEO Explains The Reason For The Company's colors

I was at IKEA just now. When I saw the duvet cover and bed sheet, it reminds me of our beginning. This is the first duvet cover and bed sheet I bought when I first moved into my new house after I got married. 7 years later, I decided to setup my own company. It was a sudden decision. There was so many things to do. It was a one man show when I first started, I had to design the Company logo, website, namecard etc etc. and many more things. And all these is very dependent on the corporate Colours I wanted. I was thinking so hard and my mind was saturated. I was totally exhausted and was running out of ideas. When I was about to crash into my bed, the Colour of the bed sheet suddenly inspired me. So I  immediately went back to the drawing board.

My dream is to build a home for our crew. It's more than a company. I want to build a culture like a family. The Colours represent the home I dream to build. And the Island underneath the coconut tree in our logo is actually the Singapore map. An identity that represents us. So now you know where the Colours of our office, namecard, website etc come from.

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