Wednesday, 18 May 2016

CEO's Thoughts: The Future of VR and AR

At Tiny Island, we started working on Stereoscopic 3d in 2010 and eventually went into auto stereoscopic 3d. Followed by augmented reality. And now Virtual Reality. What we have researched is not wasted. As the above is all linked and integrated.

I think VR is only at its beginning. Soon it will be integrated with AR to form mix reality. My anticipation for the future goggles will not be like the current VR ones. So heavy.
I think the goggles will be able to pair up with the smart phone in wireless mode and probably with cool ear phones.

It should look something like this in Blizzard Overwatch. So that when you use it with mixed reality, and when you look up. It will cover all angles. (With glasses, it will break the connection when you look up) And it can switch in between VR and AR. The future is all very exciting. Wish I was born later. ha ha.

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