Thursday 27 February 2014

Dream Defenders on Asia One!

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Career Talk at CHIJ Kellock

We have been invited to share the journey we have taken in hope to inspire the young generation to believe in themselves. And not to be afraid of failure. Do what they love and passionate about. Not just aimlessly chasing money. If they keep trying, someday they will be successful. We thank the school for such opportunity. It feels good to see the young children being so appreciative. To view more pictures, please go to our facebook page

Dream Defenders on Straits TImes Life!

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Dream Defenders has been sold to almost 60 countries!

Dream Defenders has been sold to almost 60 countries! That is a great start for the year. Hope we can reach out to more friends in the coming year. Thank you for your support. Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, USA, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Alto Adige, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Vatican State, Capo D'Istria, Switzerland, San Marino, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of), Bosnia/Herzegovina, Portugal, PORTUGUESE AFRICA, Slovenia, Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Qatar, Libya, Yemen (Republic of), Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, Djibouti, Gaza Strip, Mauritania, Israel.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Dream Defenders on Okto Channel, Singapore starting from 24 February 2014

Finally!! Dream Defenders is airing on OKTO Channel starting from 24th February 2014 at 5.30! Every Monday to Friday! Don't miss out!
Tiny Island Productions puts Singapore Animation Dreams on the world map

SINGAPORE, 20th FEB 2014 - The dreams started out as little things - to see the stories in their heads come alive, to live each day doing the things they love. These little things grew to become a quest to create something the production studio could be proud to call its own, and a quest to build an international reputation for the work that Singapore artists could produce. The successful launch of the 'Dream Defenders' series is a result of that quest, and is a showcase of the Singapore studio's production capabilities, from conceptualization to production.

Created and produced by Singapore's Tiny Island Productions, Dream Defenders is the first 3D stereoscopic animated series produced in Singapore and has garnered the Asia Image Apollo Awards 2013 for Best 3D Animation. The series is distributed by Dreamworks Classic and has been sold worldwide including the US, Europe (Central and Eastern Europe), Middle East, North Africa and Asia in both traditional and stereoscopic format. Airtime for the show has already commenced in the US on the 3Net (a joint venture of Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications, IMAX Corporation) and Hulu channels; in Korea on DaeKyo Kids TV, soon on Super RTL Germany and more scheduled international roll-outs within the year.

“It’s not just a TV show, not just “Inception” for kids. It’s also family entertainment with strong family values. It’s also about two kids who fight like all siblings do but when it comes to a crisis, they realise how important family is to them and how their busy parents really do care and worry about them which they find out when they enter into their parents’ dream worlds,” elaborates David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island Productions.

On February 24th, MediaCorp channel, okto, in conjunction with Toggle, will launch kids into the fantastic world of Dream Defenders, an animated television series about the adventures of a pair of nightmare-fighting siblings who protect our world from the threat of Icela, evil queen of the Dreamworlds.

Through an interactive Augmented Reality event, viewers will have a chance to enter into the realm of the Dreamworlds and help the heroes of the series battle evil 'momoks' at Changi City Point from 14 - 16 March 2014. This augmented reality experience is jointly organized by Tiny Island Productions and okto.

About Tiny Island Productions

Tiny Island Productions has become Singapore's leading Stereoscopic 3D CG animation production company. Established in 2002 and based in cosmopolitan Singapore, the company creates, manages and markets quality content for the global CG animation market. The company had also previously worked with international distributor Classic Media (Dreamworks Classic) and Thai-based producing company, Shellhut Entertainment, on a CG animated series, Shelldon that was aired on major networks including NBC USA and France 5. One of its latest deal is Tiny Island's stereoscopic-3D CG Animated series 'Dream Defenders' to make American debut on 3net. (Joint Venture 24/ 7 3D Network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX) and on Hulu. Dream Defenders has also won the Asia Image Apollo Awards 2013 for Best 3d Animation. Other earlier deals inked include a development deal with Los-Angeles based Saban Entertainment Group (SEG), with SEG providing development resources for a CG animated series. In 2012, the company completed the all new Ben 10 CGI Telemovie in both standard and stereoscopic 3d format for Cartoon Network. The film has won the Best 3D Animated Program award at the Asian Television Awards 2012 as well as the Gold Award for Best Movie Campaign in the 2012 ProMax Awards.

In July 2013, the company has signed the first Singapore Korea co production animation deal with South Korean animation production house Electric Circus. Together they will produce the CGI action-adventure series G-Fighter (26 x 22 minutes) supported by SBA, KOCCA, EBS, SK Broadband and CJ E&M.

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Career Talk at Shuqun Secondary School

We have been invited to share our experience with Shuqun Secondary school. Initially we thought it is just a small classroom. And was surprised and honoured that both the lower and upper secondary sessions attended as well. We hope what we shared will inspire them to keep believing in themselves. Follow their passion. And not give up easily. View more pictures from our facebook page

Behind The Scenes of Dream Defenders - Animation Department


Behind The Scenes of Dream Defenders - Animation Department

Friday 7 February 2014

LA Business Trip

At Disney Animation Building

At Blur Studio

Met up with Jason Williams. Executive Producer for Shore Patrol

Catch up with Vic Cook (The animation director for Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens.)

So good to be able to have a long catch up with Vic Cook (The animation director for Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens.) in LA on latest industry updates. From strangers we became friends. Will treasure this moments. I look forward for opportunities to work with him again in the near future. Its been great fun. Wishing him all the best in any new opportunities ahead.

Met up with Tom (Blur Studio) and Arthur (Dreamworks)!

Tom Zhao (Blur Studio) and Arthur Fong (Dreamworks) have previously run a Concept Art Master Class for us at CG Protege Animation School. These guys are really talented. It was fun catching up with them. (Holding our Dream Defenders Artbook)

Dream Defenders is going to be shown in Germany on Super RTL

Just been informed that Dream Defenders is going to be shown in Germany on Super RTL. Europe's number one children's channel. It will be shown together with other Dreamworks series. Yeah. That is super news.

Monday 3 February 2014

Dream Defenders on Chello Central Europe S.R.O soon

We are very happy to know that Dream Defenders is going to be aired on Chello Central Europe S.R.O soon. It will cover Hungary , Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thanks to Dreamworks Classic for making this happen.