Thursday 23 July 2020

Tiny Island Super Friends LOL. 🤣 Check out those long hair after circuit breaker.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

16th June 2020. We are honored to be invited to give our first Zoom lecture for National Taipei University of Business. 國立壹北商業大學 The topic is on alternate opportunities for product designers.

Friday 28 February 2020

 28 Feb 2020 A celebration before Circuit Breaker. We are grateful for all Nadya’s contribution.

Saturday 22 February 2020

21 Feb 2020 Once again. Thanks to Jin Liou that I have this rare opportunity to have a meeting at Paramount Pictures. Such a meeting is difficult to come by. Especially for us who is far away from US. I am very very fortunate.

Friday 21 February 2020

21 Feb 2020. Thanks to Jin Liou that I have a chance to meet the President of Skydance. She is really nice and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Thursday 20 February 2020

20 Feb 2020. Bob Logan was previously the writer/director of the LEGO Ninjago movie for Warner Brothers. He also writes for DreamWorks Animation and Reelfx in the past. Most recently he is the Episodic Director for the City Of Ghosts for Netflix.

He is really talented and I have learnt so much from him.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

19 Feb 2020. Pascal Campion is our production designer for Dream Defenders the Origin. He is a good friend and mentor. I am grateful for his friendship and he is always looking out for us. Thank you so much.

19 Feb 2020. It’s so good to be able to catch up with Roger Lee at Disney. I am so proud of him. He has been working really hard over the years. I wish him all the best in his career.

Monday 17 February 2020

17th Feb 2020. Meeting our Head of Layout Morgan Kelly in LA. Morgan is very talented and supportive. Without his guidance, our layout team wouldn’t be able to reach where they are now. Previously he was working for Dreamworks for more than 10 years.

Sunday 16 February 2020

16th Feb 2020. Dinner with Ken Katsumoto, Executive vice president of Lionsgate Family Entertainment. Ken has always been very kind and supportive to me. Think he is with Lionsgate for almost 20 years. I have learnt a lot from him about the US film industry. I am deeply grateful for this friendship.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

12th Feb 2020 Meeting CEO and Founder of Assemblage Entertainment. Mr Max.

Assemblage Entertainment is an Indian animation studio based out of Mumbai, founded in December 2013, by industry veteran AK Madhavan (fondly known as Madmax). The studio creates animation productions for major Hollywood studios and other independent production companies from around the world.

Tuesday 11 February 2020

11th Feb 2020. Honored to meet AMID AMIDI / Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew. The last time we met was about 10 years ago.

Wednesday 15 January 2020

15th Jan 2020. It's a new year, and a new year means a new Chinese New Year!

The perfect excuse for another gets together.

Huat Ah!! Here's to a prosperous and epic new year!

Are you going to join our family this year?