Wednesday 19 March 2014

Dream Defenders: Okto's Amazing Adventure

Thank you everyone for your kind support for the event. Glad everyone had fun. And thank you for being so patient in queuing up to an hour for the game. Hope you can tell your friends more about us. 

We definitely want to look at other ways to organise more activities for our fans. We are exploring potential possibilities with Science Centre and Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention on other activities. Next month, we will be holding another event at Bugis Junction. In that event, we will showcase more of the "Behind the Scenes" of Dream Defenders. Hope to see you there!

We had Yvonne and Elisha of Song & Danz playing the Dream Defenders Augmented Reality Game.

We have spider-man trying to win the game!

One of the kids who played managed to win the game! He was so happy that he strike a victory pose! "Yeah, I won!" We are very glad that the kids are so happy. This really brings meaning to our work.

About 30 minutes before the whole event was scheduled to end, the event helpers had to stop the queue from growing further due to time constrains. When it was 8pm and time to wrap up the day, there were still 12 kids in queue and they have already waited for more than an hour long. So we asked the event helpers to extend the time to let the last 12 kids play the game. We just couldn't see them go home with disappointment.

Few of the lucky kids got to visit our studio. See the happy faces? We love you too!

Thanks for supporting Dream Defenders! We'll fight the Momoks together! 

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Okto's Amazing Adventure

This weekend, do bring your kids to join us at Changi City Point for some fun and games. It's at B1 Atrium, from 14th March to 16th March at 11am to 8pm.

Friday 7 March 2014

The Amazing Dream Defenders Activities

Zane and Zoey of the Dream Defenders have landed in Singapore and together with Zeus, their supercomputer, they are looking for recruits to help to stop Icela, the ruthless tyrannical leader of The Dreamworld from entering into our world.
Join us for "Amazing Dream Defenders Activities"! Enter the Dreamworld by playing The Dream Defenders Augmented Reality game and help Zane & Zoey stop Icela from entering our world. Hone your shooting skills at Dreamworld monsters target range. Pose with Zane & Zoey and give us your best Dream Defenders pose and stand a chance to win $100 cash.

Admission & All Activities are Amazingly Free!

More info: Go to

Dream Defenders Collectables is comig up!

Dream Defenders Collectables is coming up! For more picture check here