Thursday 19 June 2014

Dream Defenders in Germany!

For those in Germany, watch for it. It is going to be on SUPER RTL in mid July 2014

Dream Defenders Showing on Prime Time in Thailand

This coming July, Dream Defenders is going be launched in Thailand on a brand new kids channel. And it is going to be shown at Prime Time. Will let you know more about it soon.

Dream Defenders to promote the series in UK

A new UK TV network has expressed strong interest in Dream Defenders. We are exploring together to launch campaigns to promote the series in UK.

Dream Defenders on Planeta Junior

We have just received confirmation that Dream Defenders has close an Output deal with Planeta Junior for across the Mediterranean territories.(Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus) Thank you so much Dreamworks Animation. This is exciting and amazing news. 

This will add on to the list of 60 countries that Dream Defenders has reached so far. And also it has recently reached 1 million views on Hulu. We are so glad that the series is slowly reaching out to more and more audience. Thank you everyone for your support.

Dream Defenders the Origin

For those in Singapore, If you have time to watch only one episode, we strongly recommend you to watch Ep 22. After that, you will be looking for more.

1 Million Views on Hulu within 9 months

Just within 9 months, competing with sea of kids content on Hulu, the Dream Defenders series has managed to reach its 1 million views in the US. Not bad for a start. Thank you so much for your support. Hope you can tell your friends more about us.

Tiny Island CEO invited to speak at Kidscreen East

Tiny Island Productions has been invited as a speaker at the coming Kidscreen East on the July 22-24, 2014 held at Qingdao, China. We will be presenting Dream Defenders (梦幻战士) at the event. 

Other speakers include executives from Dreamworks Oriental, Nickelodeon, CCTV, Hit Entertainment, Jim Henson Company, Mattel Entertainment, Discovery Network Asia-Pac, Sesame Workshop, DHX Media, PBS KIDS, Corus Entertainment etc 

Co-produced by Kidscreen and the China Animation Association, Kidscreen East is a new event designed to bring kids entertainment executives from the East and West together for three days of professional networking and collaborative learning. The event is similar to the one in New York.

Dream Defenders on Toogle for Free!

By special request. Dream Defenders is available FREE on Toggle for those in Singapore. You can now watch it on your Tablet and on Mobile Phone now. Yeah.

To Our Writers, Thank You.

Eric and Julia Lewald are the writers and story editors for Dream Defenders. Both of them and the team of writers behind Dream Defenders have been very kind to us. They have helped us a lot in promoting the show. We are so blessed to have them working on Dream Defenders. Thank you so much. 

In the past, they have also worked on many exciting shows. One of it is the X-men Series. You can read about it here.

Career Talk at Hillgrove Seconday School

Our CEO, David Kwok is sharing his experience in producing Dream Defenders at Hillgrove Secondary School. More photos here

Dream Defenders on huluplus

Watch the new Dream Defenders promotion clip for Hulu Plus. For those in the US, you can watch it at hulu website. Thanks for your support. Let your friends know about Dream Defenders.