Tuesday 31 March 2015

CEO giving career talk at Serangoon Junior College

Our CEO giving a Career Talk at Serangoon Junior College. More picture here

Tiny Island and It's Beginning

 Tiny Island Productions is featured in Cartoons Underground. Check the link here to read the article

Tiny Island Productions New Logo Clip


2012 was the year I was invited as a speaker. Now the event is getting more exciting. It will be a good platform to connection Asian and European companies.

Meetings between European & Asian professionals
27 – 30 Apr 15 Jeju Island (South Korea)

Details are here

Who will be attending

Thursday 19 March 2015

Meet Dream Defenders Story Editors and Writers, Eric and Julia

Our story editors and writers for Dream Defenders. Both Eric and Julia and the writing team have been wonderful to work with. They have been so supportive towards our series. We will be forever grateful to their contributions and look forward to more opportunities to work together. Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald are two of the premier writer-producers in youth-oriented and animated television, with over 700 produced credits, a number-one hit, an Emmy nomination and an Environmental Media Award between them. They have been showrunners, together or individually, on 14 series, including X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the show that put Marvel characters on the map and made Fox TV the number one network in kids’ programming.

Know Your IP

The Story of Tiny Island Productions. We gave a talk at IPOS to share our story of our humble beginnings. How did we struggle through the good and bad times to build Tiny Island Productions? How did we bring Dream Defenders to the international audience? Hope our journey inspire you. 

With this, we launch a program to share our experience in hope to help more artists build their dream. (Today is the last day for the registration)

Friday 6 March 2015

Visit to Disney

Our CEO, David Kwok had a meeting at Disney last Wednesday!