Friday 29 September 2017

Company's Tele Match

~ A Day of Fun ~

Game 1 - Sack Race

 Game 2 -  Stepping On Ice Cubes

Game 3 - Keep Spinning

Game 4 - Let The Water Flow

Game 5 - Dog And Bone


It has been a great day. Most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves. We should try to do this every 3 months. Most importantly is to bring the people together.

Thank you Steven, Sisca, Lewis, Wen Wei for putting this great event together. Moments like these are precious. I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Meet Up With Paul Chung

So happy to meet Paul Chung again. It's been quite a while. Look forward to opportunity to work with him in future. 
Paul has worked for feature film studios like Walt Disney; Warner Brothers and MGM. He supervised and did character design on 'SpaceJam' for Warner Brothers; Animated on the Academy Award winner "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" and directed the "Pocahontas Storybook Video game" for Walt Disney.
In 1999 Paul joined Dreamworks animation as a directing animator, working on a number of high profile Animated features films including Shrek, Madagascar, Bee Movie and Megamind.
In 2001 Paul was nominated for an Annie Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Character Animation" for his work in Shrek. 
In 2011 Paul returned to London and started working as the Animation Supervisor on " Wrath of the Titans" for Framestore CFC.
After that, Paul went to India to head up the animation department for MPC Bangalore. 
He returned to UK in 2013 to carry on working as an animation supervisor for MPC London. The films he had been involved in include: "Guardians of the Galaxy"; "Exodus Gods and Kings" and "Jungle Book".
In 2016, Paul went to Original Force, Nanjing to work as an animation director.
As one of the industry's most experienced Animators, Paul also regularly conducts workshops and master classes on the art form.

Meet Up With the CEO of Original Force

I am very honoured and fortunate to meet the CEO of Original Force. Nanjing. Its an amazing company. Many of their projects are very impressive. Hope someday, we can work together with them.

Sunday 17 September 2017

Tiny Island Recruitment - 3D Modeller Supervisor

Tiny Island Productions is looking for a Supervising 3D Modeler due to its expansion plan. If interested, please send in your resume and portfolio to - we have immediate OPENING.