Sunday 26 November 2017

Finally our 10th Year Anniversary

We have finally reached our 10th Years Anniversary. We have come a long way. Till this day, we still have not taken a single cent from any investor. It wasn't easy. Many times, people tell me to close the company. We kept fighting on. Its all blessings. I didn't imagine we can make it. Thanks you everyone for standing by the company through thick and thin. Else the dream wouldn't have come this far. I only have one wish. More work and better future for our crew and their family.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Shanghai WingsMedia Strikes $250M Animation Co-Production Deal With Shellhut, Tiny Island

Tiny Island is expanding assembling a strong international story team for its up coming feature films project. In the next 12 years, the studio is planning to develop 12 IPs and these IPs will be used to build themepark in Thailand. (You can read about it below)
Currently we have Paul Chung (…/About-Paul-Chung) as our Film Director and Pascal Campion as our Production Designer (
Those who are interested, must prepare to relocate to Singapore. You must have experience in feature film productions. Good storytelling skill. Storyboarding and animatics production.
Interested applicants please apply here. The details can be found here:

Friday 24 November 2017

Tiny Island 10th Anniversary Dinner

24th November 2017
Tiny island celebrated our 10th Anniversary with our awesome TIPster family!
This is the awesomeness that happened!


Our China partner SMG wingsmedia and us at MIPCOM
(French Mandarin TV - 法国华人卫视)

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Picture with Hans Bacher

Hans Bacher. The master sifu. (The Production Designer for Mulan) I am so honoured to have known him. It's Singapore lost that he is leaving. The good news is perhaps there is opportunity for us to work together on one of our films in future. This is so exciting.

Sunday 12 November 2017

MIPCOM / MOU Signing Ceremony (SIngapore Pavilion)

Standing left to right:
- Ms Angeline Poh
Assistant Chief Executive of Industry Development, IMDA (Infocomm Media
Development Authority) Singapore
- Mr Chee Hong Tat
Senior Minister of State
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Communications and Information
- Ms Rampawan Intraraksa
Conselor (Commercial Affaires) of Royal Thai Embassy
- Ms. Kanyanath Kornpotchara
Senior Vice President, Super Brand Mall
Seated left to right: - Vice President of Oriental Pearl Group, President of Shanghai WingsMedia, Ms Shelan He
- COO of Shellhut and Tiny Island Pictures,
Ms Pinyada Ratanasungk
- Co CEO of Shellhut and Tiny Island Pictures, Mr David Kwok.

Thursday 9 November 2017

TIP Pulau Ubin Trip 2016

3rd June 2016
What happens when you bring Islanders to an island?
You get Islanders!

TIP Sentosa Outing

29th Sept 2017
A day out with the TIP family on the beach of Singapore's very own Sentosa Island!
Lots of fun, tears and sunburns were realized that day!
30th Sept 2017
Part 2, Universal Studios!

Tiny Island Productions Halloween Party 2017

31 Oct 2017 is when TIP got Spooooky with our staff wearing costumes and getting together to share the spooktacular day!
A family get together is always welcomed, especially when awkwardly dressed no?

Thursday 2 November 2017


Amazing people from Tiny Island. Thanks for making this possible. Happy 🎃 Halloween.

Shellhut and Tiny Island Pictures Cocktail Party

Shellhut and Tiny Island Pictures Cocktail Party at the World Animation and VFX on the 30th Oct 2017

Wonderful to have Wira Winata, Tom Zhao, Arthur Fong coming by. Thanks for all the support always.

The World Animation and VFX Summit Panel

Was Speaking at The World Animation and VFX Summit Panel on Co-Producing Animated Shows for Global Audiences and Opportunities for Co-Productions in China and Russia on the 31st Oct 2017.

3-Nations, 10-Pictures, $250m: A Closer Look

We are honoured to have Christopher Colman writing an article about us. Christopher articles are interesting. It gives insides to the China Industry. It is read by many from the West who wants to know more about animation industry in China. Read the article here.