Saturday 30 April 2016

Dungeon Boss Game Cinematics

The game cinematics that we have been working on. Download the game to try it out. It's free.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Tiny Island at Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2016

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity

Full Gallery Here

Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2016: Reception

Our CEO, David Kwok, is invited to participate in the Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2016. Full Gallery Here

Thursday 21 April 2016

Tiny Island Productions Openhouse 20th April

At our recent open house. We have transformed the roof top of our office to look like some kind cafe by chance. Love the ambience. It's a good place for future creative events. Staff BBQ and Ktv.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Changing Trends - Bringing the animation industry to the next dimension

To my friends in Thailand:

Next Wed 27th April 2016, (9am at Vie Hotel.)  I have been invited to give a talk at the coming Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2016. (The organizer is in progress of updating their website)

The topic that I will touch on is Changing Trends - Bringing the animation industry to the next dimension


I will be sharing new insights and development of the animation industry.
Below is the synopsis of the talk. Hope you can join me.

There is a major shift in the animation TV market. As audience are moving away from TV to mobile devices, TV licensing fee continue to drop drastically. As a producer, we need to find new ways to monetize our IP. The revolution of new technology like Stereoscopic 3d, Auto Stereoscopic 3d, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are going to slowly change the way the audience consume content. Hence opening up a whole new opportunity for independent producers.

Monday 18 April 2016

Tiny Island Showcase: Talking Tom and Friends ep.28 - Ghost Pirate Hunting

This is the new episode we have worked on. Within 4 days after it has been uploaded. It has hit 1.7M views.

Thursday 14 April 2016

CEO's Thoughts: Where the VR market is heading to?

Some of my own analysis of the VR market growth based on the feedback I gathered from the international clients I met. I saw there is a lot of VR 360 video growing in the market. Especially in China. Almost everything on earth has been made into a 360 video. You will see this expansion growing very fast. Everyone will copy each other. Soon audience will get bore of it. How different can it be? (Unless it is meant for architecture visualization) Soon it will just look like another QT VR.

Base on my analysis, if you are doing VR. You should start looking at interactive VR that allows audience to navigate and interact. Allow multiple user. (That is what we are testing in house) The way you plan for the storyboard and the way you tell the story must also be different. I have seen many videos only have events happening in front. If you look around, there is nothing happen on the left, the right and behind. It defeats the purpose of having VR around.
I also see the potential platform for growth to be cheaper goggles working with smart phone. If it is expensive goggles with expensive machines and troublesome setup. I am not sure if that is going to take off.
The other thing I see it coming is light glasses that serve as goggles for both VR and AR to be paired with smart phone coming in. (wireless) I heard Apple is already working on something like this. This should be the future.

VR will create a whole new opportunity for the animation industry. Hope the thoughts help you to plan forward for your business.

Richard Goldman, Executive Vice President Global Distribution – Jim Henson Company
 Thom Chapman, Territory Manager – DHX Media

 Frank Falcone, President and Creative Director – Guru Studio Canada

Michael Carroll – Wild Brain

Wednesday 6 April 2016

CG Protege Open House 2016 and Industry Talk

CG Protege Open House 2016 and Industry Talk
" Virtual Reality - Moving the Industry to the next dimension."
We will be sharing how Virtual Reality is taking the global animation industry by storm, and insights of Virtual Reality.

Watch this space for details.

7th Apr 2016 - 7pm. (Limited Seats to 25)
(Dinner will be provided)
Supported by e2i and WDA

(Click here for Full Gallery)

Saturday 2 April 2016

Dream Defenders – Animated in Singapore for the world

Coverage in FutureReadySingapore, a publication of EDB

When he founded Tiny Island 13 years ago, David Kwok hoped that by making a direct reference to the island nation of Singapore, the fledgling animation studio would one day put the country on the world map.

Today, Tiny Island is a major player in Asia’s vibrant animation industry. Its 26-part series, Dream Defenders, made its United States debut on 3net - a 3D network jointly owned by Sony, the Discovery Channel and Imax – in 2011, and has also been aired on major European networks such as German television network Super RTL and Planeta Junior. Closer to home, Dreamworks TV Asia has also acquired the rights to air the series across 19 countries in the region.

Photojournalist Calvin Wong takes a closer look at Tiny Island’s work in a walk through the animation studio. ( Click to read the whole article)