Friday 4 September 2015

IP Talk show in Indonesia

Probably our next chapter. New Chapter. New Hope.

Probably our next chapter. New Chapter. New Hope.

Our Family

IP Talk in Indonesia Confirmed!

Hello friends from Indonesia. It's confirmed. Our CEO will be speaking at BIAF to share with you his experience. Friday, Oct 9th 2015 2pm to 4pm Simply Valore Hotel BAROS - Cimahi City West Java Indonesia Limited to 150 seats only. To Register Visit

Thank you STEM Inc

Science Centre Singapore has a unit known as STEM Inc, dedicated to igniting passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We are establishing Industrial Partnership Programme (IPP) with them and Fuchun Secondary School. We hope through this relationship, we can guide more young people to reach out to their Dreams in Arts & Creativity.

Word from CEO

This article was 10 years ago. In the article, it said.. "If I could, I would prefer to helm a company that is uniquely Singaporean, not a clone of PIXAR or Lucasfilm, but one that draws from the strengths from each other these companies, yet unique in its ability to tap into our own cultural strengths." In 2005 I was still working for others. Seriously at that time, I can never imagine that one day I will run my own studio. 2 years later, Tiny Island Productions was born. Life is really like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get.

Talking Tom hit 1.3 millions views

Thanks to our client for this great opportunity. Just 2 days on youtube, the episode has hit 1.3 Millions Views. Congrats to the Tiny Island Animation Team for a job well done. The previous episode has hit 6.2 Millions Views in 4 weeks.

Another milestone for Dream Defenders : Dreamworks TV Asia

We haven't made an official worldwide announcement yet. Here is a preview. Another milestone for Dream Defenders. We are officially on Dreamworks TV Asia. Across 19 countries in Asia in additional to the existing 60 countries we have reached so far. The very first Singapore made IP on the channel. More news coming up. Stay connected. Click on Link here.

Visit by Ritsumeikan University Japan

Professor Akinori Nakamura from College of Image Arts and Science (Ritsumeikan University Japan)

Ip Talk by Our CEO, David Kwok

Thank you so much for coming to our recent IP Talk by our CEO. We will be sharing more insights of the industry here at our facebook group. Do join us on facebook page More documentations are available here. Thank you for all your support.

Thursday 16 July 2015

Tiny Island will be at Baros on 9 October 2015

Baros is an area located in Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia. It is planned to be the center of animation industry development in Indonesia. Then in 2009 Cimahi government launched Cimahi Creative Association (CCA) as a center of developing animation and creative community in Cimahi.

Therefore this year Cimahi government cooperating with CCA plan to hold the 3rd Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) after successfully held the first event on October 2013 and the second, on November 2014.

I was told when the event was launch in Jakarta recently, it was visited by several government parties such as Ministry of Trade, Agency for Creative Economy, Ministry of Industry, representative of France, US and Japan embassy and 55 medias. Gratefully, there are big enthusiasts from people after this event. And it is predicted there will be more people visiting the event in October.

I am very honoured to be invited as one of the speaker on the October 9 from 1 - 3 pm. I will be sharing my experience in how I build a company without any investor's money and then bring a Singapore made IP to the global stage. Hope what I share will inspire and encourage more Indonesians to build their own IP and build a better future for themselves.

More details will be out soon. More info about BAROS

Dream Defenders on Toonbarn!

Read about the article here

Dream Defenders on Worldscreen

Via worldscreen

Dream Defenders on Animation World Network

Animation World Network picked up the news. Read about the article here

Dream Defenders on Animaiton Magazine

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Dream Defenders on Cartoon Brew

 We are very honor to be featured in Cartoon Brew

Discovery Family snaps up Dream Defenders


Dream Defenders joins popular animated series such as Transformers Rescue Bots and Littlest Pet Shop on Discovery Family Channel. Since rebranding last fall, the Discovery Communications/Hasbro joint-venture previously known as The Hub has been looking to fill its daytime programming sked with a mix of kids content from Hasbro and third-party suppliers. 

Read more of the article on kidscreen

Discovery Family buys teen toon drama - Dream Defenders

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Discovery Family tackles Defenders

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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Discovery Family Acquires Dream Defenders (via discovery news)

The Discovery Family deal marks our 3rd entry into the U.S. Market. This is on top of our deals with Hulu and 3net(Discovery,SONY and IMAX). As part of the strategy to globalise the Dream Defenders Brand, we have reached out to 60 countries at this stage. Including major broadcasters like SUPER RTL and Planeta Junior in Europe.

In coming weeks, we will announce another deal that covers 19 countries in Asia.

Currently we are in talks with 2 major players in China. With this we hope to close the loop of our strategy to globalise the Dream Defenders Brand and expand further into feature films, theme parks and licensing/merchandising in coming years. Thanks for all your support. Without you, we wouldn't have come so far.

Read more on the article here

Friday 12 June 2015

Design Talks

Ever wanted to produce your own animated series? Cartoons Underground interviews David Kwok (Our CEO) and Mark Wee, two filmmakers who are established in the animation industry, about their experiences. Check out our exclusive article for tips on how to produce and promote your own IP, and how to bring your stories to the big screen. Read about the article here

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Animation in Singapore talk at Library@Orchard

Our CEO is one of the speaker at the event at Library@Orchard about Animation in Singapore. We love to thanks for all the support.

Friday 29 May 2015

Career in Animation Talk

Our CEO, David Kwok giving a talk about Career in Animation at Hillgrove Secondary School

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Opportunity opens up for Dream Defenders

The conference calls with the 2 potential Chinese Partners went well today. One of them is a key player in Shanghai who has invested in a major US Animation Studio in China. The other is the number one satellite TV station in China. We are honoured that both of them are interested to move the discussion forward to the next stage. Guess we will be heading to China next. 

In China, the players have the all in one capability - distributions, promotions, broadcasting, toys manufacturing, theme-park and theme restaurants, licensing / merchandising, investing in TV series and feature film etc. They have the ability to grow Dream Defenders brand in China much further and bigger. 

This opportunity really opens up a new chapter for us. Its a whole new lesson for us. It feels like going to school all over again. There is so much to learn. And most of all, we are one tiny step closer to our dream. That is to bring Singapore work to the world. Keep Dreaming. Keep believing.

Great news for Dream Defenders from China!

Today, we received an important mail from a major media company based in Shanghai. They are the one invested in one of the key US animation studio in China. They mentioned that they are really very fond of Dream Defenders. And would like to discuss further collaboration and distribution in China. 

Though we are not sure where this will lead us to. We feel really honored and encouraged. This could just be another chapter for us.

Words from our CEO, David Kwok about taking investors money

 Some lessons that I have learnt when I first started my own animation studio. Hope it inspires you. Read more of the article here

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Its the journey that matters. Not the destination

An article about how we fought our way through and landed our first step into Dreamworks. Hope it inspires and motivates you. link…/its-th…/ We are planning to come back to Jakarta to run a 3 days seminar to share more in depth business knowledge in animation. Hope you can help us to do a survey. I would like to find out if there is enough interest before I speak with the University in Jakarta about

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Industry Focus Group at the Binus University

We are touched by the warm welcome by the talents in Indonesia. The salary each artist made seems to be a challenge as compared to the rising cost of living in Indonesia. One member in the focus group asked me if I have plans to setup a studio in Indonesia. My answer is I am not here to tap on the low labour cost in Indonesia. I am here to share my own experience in setting up my own studio and how did I manage to bring my IP to a global market. With this effort, I hope it will expose the talents to a whole new world of opportunities and ideas. So that they can build their own studio and secure their own future. In a long run, improve the life of the artists. That is the mission of our trip. I hope to come back again to continue this effort and collaboration. And hope to build more friendship and relationship. It adds meaning to what we do.

Hope our effort doesn't just benefit the students but also the Indonesia Animation Industry. For more pictures please visit our facebook page

IP Creation Talk at Binus University

A talk on IP creation at the Binus University. Hopefully what we shared in IP creation will inspire younger generation of Indonesians to build their own future in the animation industry. And fight for their dreams just like what we did. For more pictures please visit our facebook page

Visit to Binus International

Visit to Binus University

Business Trip to Indonesia, Binus University and Binus International

Binus University and Binus International is one of the top private University in Indonesia. We are honoured to have established the relationship with them. We look forward to work with them as an industry consultant and share with the students our knowledge and experience.

Friday 8 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

My Korea Journey Reflection of my valuable experience in Korea Animation Industry. The friendship and relationship I have built over the years.

Read more about it from this link 

Cartoon Connection, Jeju

Recent market I went to. Cartoon Connection at Jeju

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Due to some reasons, I was not arranged to see the major Chinese Players at the market. These players are amazingly big. They owed themeparks, TV stations, toy companies, theme restaurants and shopping malls. 

My Korean business friend told me not to give up. Asked me to gate crash. (I like their courage and spirit. Something we should learn from) So I humble myself and tried. 

I took the courage and went right in. When I saw them, I started by apologizing for intruding and beg them to give me a chance. I told them that I will be fast as I do not require interpreter. At the end, the Chinese were impressed and they are ready to discuss about bringing Dream Defenders in larger scale in China. I am really thankful to my Korean friend for his encouragement. 

It used to be an advantage for Koreans who speak English in Korea. Now it is Chinese Language that many has started to learn. 

One lesson I learnt from this experience is not to neglect the importance of language skill. I used to wonder what use do I have for being able to speak Cantonese, Chinese and French. Now it becomes a blessing when I do business with French, Hk and China. You don't have to read and write. At least able to speak and understand. Even a few words will make the difference in relationships. This could be your advantage and you might be thankful like me someday. 

Business opportunities to meet someone important do not happen everyday. Once you see it. Don't hesitate. Don't think twice. Take a deep breath. Go for it. Whether you fail or succeed. At least you try. If you lose the chance, you might never be given a second chance. 

Once I saw Jeffrey Katzenberg in his car at Dreamworks. The car stopped. I hesitate whether I should go forward and introduce myself. In the end, I didn't have the courage. Now I can only regret. Ha ha.

Korean Merchandise at Cartoon Connection, Jeju