Sunday 29 April 2018


26th Apr - 2nd day of CICAF

Tuesday 24 April 2018

2018 International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC)

2018 International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC)
First day at the event

Monday 23 April 2018

Jin Ke

I am honoured to finally meet the Chinese company now owns Outfit7 and Talking Tom. Hope someday we can have the opportunity to collaborate together.

Joe Aguilar

Joe Aguilar was in charge of both the India DreamWorks Dedicated Unit as well as Shanghai Oriental DreamWorks in China. I first met him in 2012. He is really kind to me. As and when he is free, he make time to meet me either in Singapore, LA or China. I have learnt a lot from him.
After he left Oriental DreamWorks as the Chief Creative Officer, he is hired as the CEO of Wink Animation, a new, wholly-owned animation division at China’s Huayi Brothers Media. Huayi Brothers Media Corp. is a Chinese multinational entertainment company that owns a film studio, a television production company, a talent agency, a record label, and a movie theater chain founded in Beijing by the brothers.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Max Howard

Max Howard is a film producer and studio executive, based in Los Angeles. He has run studios for Walt Disney Feature Animation in London, Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles, and was president of Warner Bros. Feature Animation. He has worked on or been responsible for a number of successful film projects. His credits include Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Igor. He is also a consultant very active in Shanghai sharing his experience with the Chinese Film makers.
It has been a pleasure catching up with Max. So much to learn from him.

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Ori Animation pt.2

Ori Animation is one of the leading player in Suzhou. They are well connected with the authorities as well as in Saudi Arabia and Russia. They are also one of the few Chinese Animation company who has been very active internationally at the tv especially Film Market.
They are definitely a great strategic partner for investment, distributions and Co Productions. I am honoured and grateful that the CEO/founder and his staff have been so kind to take good care of me these 2 days. Thank you.


ORI ANIMATION CO., LTD China, founded in August 2006, is a national animation enterprise authorized by the Chinese Government. With over 120 million dollars total assets, ORI is equipped with more than 250 high-technical employees, building partnership with over 20 animation production teams at home and abroad.
During ten-year development, ORI has dedicated to animation creation, production and distribution nationally and internationally, together with the educating and training of animation talents, international co-production and etc.
By the end of 2014, ORI has completed 4 animated feature films and over 8000 minutes' animated TV series with their own IPs, which have been broadcasted in numerous territories and platforms. Besides, ORI succeeds in cooperating with a good number of domestic and overseas colleagues and TV stations to develop animation talents training program, which has nurtured over 3000 professional talents. Last but not least, ORI manages to co-produce animated titles with institutions like Saudi Broadcasting Corporation.
ORI provides production services with excellent production standards and reasonable rate, completing over 4000 minutes' 2D contents and over 2000 minutes' 3D contents for our clients.
Since 2014, ORI has accelerated international cooperation, majoring in developing international co-production, international distribution, international production service and training international animation

Monday 16 April 2018

David in China

Time flies. It’s almost 3 years that we have known each other. That was the first time I ventured into China. SMG Wingsmedia has been very kind and supportive to us. Their guidance has been very important for our story development for the China Market. Thanks for every opportunity. I am forever grateful.
This June, there will be another major announcement at the coming Shanghai TV Festival. Stay connected.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Food Truckers

Finally the news is out. Well done everyone. Very proud of the  team and our partners who has worked on it. Good job.